Finding the new you in Grande Prairie

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Visiting Toronto

I got back from Toronto last night.  It was my first time back in 2 years and I can honestly say I’m happy to be back in Grande Prairie.  Of course the reasons for this is mixed but it is true.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time visiting with some friends( hi Char, Carol, Jenya, Teddy, Danelle) and taking my son to see my old haunts but Toronto is…oppressive after being in a place where I can have personal space and where I can breathe and where I can see the sky.  I couldn’t get over how much the city has changed in 2 years, 2 short years.  There is a condo high-rise on every corner and it doesn’t appear they will stop this anytime soon.  There are so many people everywhere we went it was incredible.  Where did they all come from?  They weren’t there before. Oh yeah, they are the new inhabitants of all those new condos.


Anyhow, I got to have yummy Ethiopian food from my favourite spot Ethiopia House on Irwin at Yonge and I had Vietnamese a few times at both Mimi’s and Pho House on Gerrard at Broadview and Chinese at Kom Jug Yeun on Spadina at Baldwin…  and we hung out at a disappointing Kensington Market.  Kensington used to be my fave spot in the whole world.  I would buy dried fruits and nuts and fresh fruits and veg and tea and incense and fresh ground peanut butter  and Shea butter and cheese and chill with my friends Moses or Milton and grab some spicy fried tofu or momos.  That Kensington Market no longer exists.  It makes me sad. Not much I can do about it I guess, that makes me even more sad

My good friend Carol has asked me to mention how well the weather co-operated during my visit.  I must admit the weather was much better than I had expected. I thought it would have been hot and humid and completely disagreeable but no, it was cool and comfortable, however the sky was still grey.  The sky is slowly becoming something you would see in a post apocalyptic  world, yuck.

While in Toronto we used AirBnB to find accommodations. We stayed in both the east end of the city and the west end.  Being in the west was a nice change as we grew up in the east end close to the Beach.  The home we stayed in in the west was one street over from where I spent many happy Christmases as a young adult.  It was lovely being in that neighbourhood again.  Both experiences were great and we met some really nice people we wouldn’t have otherwise.

So, after all of that, It’s official I guess, we now live in GP.  In a few days a big truck will show up at our door and the belongings we had left in TDot until this visit, will be off loaded.  It cost a lot to do but it’s worth it.  We have our clothes (now out of fashion of course but I am always out of fashion), our books and crafts and photos and so many other items we had been missing.  I can’t wait to sink my teeth again into my favourite books.

Peace out dear readers, until next time!  Dang it, I didn’t take pics!!!