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  Finding a job was secondary to our move but, jobs do of course come in handy.  Most people moving to Grande Prairie are coming here for work.  It’s still kind of a secret that Grande Prairie has a HUGE job market so, I’m here telling you that there are jobs here.  There are so many jobs here.  Right now there is a huge hiring boom as many oil workers and their families head back to their hometowns.  Come September there will be yet another hiring boom as rigs start up again for the extremely cold winter months.  

Are there only rough, outdoor jobs available?  Nope, but those do pay mucho mucho dinero.  Seriously.  There are jobs available in just about every industry and they do pay equal to or, substantially more, than their counterparts in other cities/provinces.  Not to mention the enormous new hospital being built at this time, there will be so many positions opening up once it is open.

(One position I’d like to see filled here is that of midwife.  There are no Alberta registered midwives working in Grande Prairie.  I won’t even consider getting pregnant again if there isn’t a midwife here to take my case.  Doctors here are few and far between and while doctors are wonderful in their own right, I’ve only met one so far who I would see again and be able to trust and alas, he is not an obstetrician.  Sure, I haven’t met all the doctors in Grande Prairie, I’ve only met a few but, aside from the one mentioned above, I’d never willingly see any of the others again.  I found them insecure, rude and pushy.  I found them lacking in general knowledge in regards to breastfeeding and general infant nutrition and I found them condescending. That said, if there are any midwives out there looking for something new, if you are up for an adventure and a challenge, please, oh please come to Grande Prairie.  For that matter, if there are any awesome doctors out there that need new patients and you know you are a good doctor, feel free to get in touch with me.  As it stands I’ll have to get my yearly physical when I visit Toronto this Summer.)

If you have thought of moving to GP for work, and you think you might want to work on a rig and bring in the big bucks, feel free to get all of your safety tickets before coming.  If you can’t/don’t want to, there are companies who will send you for your tickets before you begin work if, you are the right person for the job.  If rigging isn’t for you, that’s cool, there are many other places to work and you might find you fit in well with something you never thought you’d enjoy.  If you are willing but not qualified, the company will train you or get you into an apprenticeship.  Once that happens, all sorts of opportunities open up for you.  You might simply be required to have an open mind.

In my previous post, I talked briefly about the housing situation here.  It’s really awful.  Staying at an extended stay hotel isn’t a bad thing until you can properly look around and find what you need.  I recommend going through a reputable  real estate company for a rental property.  Don’t expect to find a place before coming here by looking on Kijiji or some such avenue.  In my experience, there are too many ways to be ripped off.  You may end up lucking out and get a job where the company pays for your hotel and even arranges transportation for you to and from work.  Not a bad thing at all.








Author: Grande Prairie Reborn

We are first time parents who packed up and moved to an unlikely place and have been reborn. I love my little family of three humans and two 4 legged creatures. I love to read but simply haven't had the time to do very much. I love to cook and do it all the time. My son and I explore new recipes and tweak old ones every week. We are a family that enjoyed cloth diapering, we still enjoy co-sleeping, we breastfeed, we try to eat well and by that, I mean we subscribe to no real eating plan, everything in moderation and what makes our bodies feel well. We do loooooooovvvve eating well!!! We moved for the sake of trying something new. For the sake of discovering more about our true selves, we moved 3929 km to rugged, untamed Northern Alberta from beautiful, smoky Toronto and we have loved each day better than the last. Reborn in Grande Prairie. With this blog I hope to give helpful tidbits and insights into not just our family but also into moving out here. Grande Prairie is a young city and full of potential. Coming from a huge metropolitan area, the move here was eye opening in so many ways and completely daunting in others. We have managed and survived and thrived and look forward to the many adventures coming our way.

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